France: EU alliance for green truck refueling and charging infrastructure established

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Three French companies, Ceva Logistics, the energy company Engie and the highway operator Sanef have founded the European Clean Transport Network Alliance. A demonstration project will start before the end of 2023.

Between Lille and Avignon, a proof of concept is to set up a refueling and charging infrastructure and 20 trucks will be on the road with biogas, hydrogen and electric drives (symbol image) © Photo: Abd Rabbo Ammar/ABACA/picture-alliance

Three companies from France have joined forces to build and operate a network of refueling and charging stations for biogas, hydrogen and e-trucks along European highways. Ceva Logistics as part of the CMA CGM Group, energy supplier Engie and highway operator Sanef have founded the European Clean Transport Network Alliance (ECTN Alliance) for this purpose.

In the long term, the network should be open to all shippers and forwarders, according to the three companies. It includes a special IT solution that enables transport companies to plan their routes and loading plans in an efficient manner.

The first step is to conduct a feasibility study. In a proof of concept, the alliance wants to demonstrate on the Lille-Avignon route that the concept works. The demonstration project will start in 2023 and is scheduled to run for two years.

A fleet of 20 tractors powered by biogas, electric propulsion and green hydrogen will transport 20 trailers a day between the north and southeast of France. This will involve reloading and changing trailers at five test sites at existing Ceva Logistics locations

This is because another goal of the concept is to improve the working conditions of long-distance drivers by enabling them to stay closer to home. They change trailers at appropriate locations before returning. Local carriers are to handle pre- and on-carriage to and from the test sites.

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